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Heather Shares Some Thoughts…

Being in the 3rd Dimension (3D)  verses the 5th Dimension (5D)  is getting to be a common label used nowadays but what does it really mean?

The concept behind the dimensions is the lower the dimension the denser energy is.  As you move up through the dimensions, energy consciousness gets more expansive and lighter…less dense.  A common story to hear is that the earth was a 12th Dimensional conscious planet.  That is high up there…some very good juju!  At several points in our history, we had collective experiences of the “Fall of Consciousness”.  What is the “Fall of Consciousness”?  My description of that would be when we had a large event or experience that affected a high percentage of us on the planet and the consciousness fell brining us into a lower and more dense consciousness.  (An example would be the fall of Atlantis.  Or another example on an individual level would be a traumatic event you went through in a past life the severed you further from your soul.)  This fall began a separation from oneness…from ourselves, each other and the earth.  We eventually found ourselves on earth in a very dense energy called the 3rd Dimension.

In the 3rd Dimension, the separation manifest as feeling not okay about ourselves.  Something is wrong with me.  Self-doubt.  Feeling lost…what am I doing here?   Our ego and rationale mind control much of the interaction with life and each other in the 3D.  There are many experiences of power over, fear, oppression, greed, manipulation, confusion, betrayal, anxiety…you know all the limiting experiences that shut down who we truly are.

Sounds like a scary movie.  And it sure as hell can feel like it!  But it is an absolutely remarkable time to be here and be a part of evolving back into the truth of who we are.  You are doing this on an individual level and in turn serving the collective to hold the same opportunity to step into the light of their soul.  How are you doing this on an individual level?  You are doing your inner work even when your ego and rationale mind makes you think otherwise.  You are allowing your awareness, empathic abilities, intuition, soul and heart to guide you and heal the old patterns and baggage coming up to release.  This brings us into the 5th Dimension as we clear and open to who we really are.  We experience oneness within without being affected by the outer world or pulled back into the separation of the 3D.

In the 5D there is no separation.  There is you in the expansive energies of your heart and soul.  Your ego and rationale mind don’t have to do something “right” enough to be in the wholeness and well-being of 5D consciousness.  There are no limitations.  Nothing pulls you outside your center.  Nothing takes from you.  You experience connection that can’t be held over you…it is unconditional.  It is no longer a scary movie.  You watch the movie of life with awe and joy…creating with life what is in your heart.  There is no trying or pushing.  Instead, there is ease, lightness, flow and being present.

And the consciousness will continue to evolve to the higher dimensional energies.  As we do this on Earth (and with the consciousness and heart of Earth), we have a gigantic effect on other aspects of the cosmos…parallel universes, other planetary systems and other beings of consciousness also evolving in other dimensions.  One thing I hear constantly from teachers is that what we are doing here has never been done before.  It is of epic proportions what is being accomplished.  So, deep breath and welcome the lightness.  It is who you are!

Comparison of 3D and 5D

| 3D |

| 5D |

Separation from self, source, each other and earth.

Unity with self, source, each other and earth.
Fragmentation Wholeness
Mind and Ego leads.  Experience personal self. Collaboration, experience the I Am presence (impersonal self).
Dense, heavy and confining.  Feels contractive. Lightness.  Can breathe easily.  Feels expansive.

Reactive and engage with outside energies.  Pulled out of center.

Observe and in neutrality.  Stay centered with ease.

Try to control things to stay safe and secure.  Push.  Work hard to figure things out. Release, flow and create from connection with higher self.  No need to feel safe because not merged or affected by lower vibrational energies.
Outer world defines us and tells us who we are and aren’t. Released from judgment and limitation of 3D roles or others’ projections.  In space of knowing who we are based on truth, soul, sacred heart and oneness with universe.
Time is linear.  Contained by time. Step out of linear time.  Experience simultaneous time.
Try to control things to find certainty and love. Empowered and nourished by unconditional self love and connection to life/universe/source.
Overwhelm. Drama. Feel pulled into chaos. Clear, alive and vibrant.  
I am not okay.  What is wrong with me.  Need to fix something about me for things to be okay in my life. I know what is right for me.  I know who I am.
Creative confusion.  Self Doubt. Ease in creating.  You are a creator.  In seniority.  Rationale mind does not argue you out of the new.
Lose sight of who we are.  What movie I am in? (What life am I stuck in?)  Am I living in someone else’s movie? Connected with who you are and what you want.  Can change the old movie.  You decide what you want your movie/life to look like.
Push against life circumstances to try to change it. Step out of rationale mind  and start creating from the heart and soul.  Individual unique expression of your soul.
Conditional love.  Love has strings attached, agenda, manipulation, sticky, unclear.  Doesn’t feel safe or consistent.  Unconditional love.  Experience within as unconditional self-love and unconditional self acceptance.  Experience unconditional love as base foundation for interactions and relationships in outer world.  (Healthy boundaries, balance, mutual respect, appreciation.)
Fear of making mistakes. Mistakes not feared rather experienced as an opportunity to learn and grow. “Oh, I see…”  No harshness or criticism of self.
Restricted, Limited, Control, Fear, Power Over. (Feel like no choices, stuck, no way out) Freedom, No Restrictions.   (Other choices and possibilities)
Push to get where want to go.  Effort.  Leaning into.  Doing. Figuring out. No pushing.  Being, Allowing, Receiving, Inspiration, Flow, Relaxed.  Everything comes to you.  Simple.  Not hard.
Fear, Uncertainty, Worry Disengage 3D.  Centered, Well-being.
Life happens to me. Life happens for me.  I have freedom to choose.
Inequality Equality
Resentment, anger, vengeance, disruptions. 3D becomes less and less of a distraction or trigger.  Centered in truth, love and freedom.
3D Habits.  This is how it is.  I need you to tell me I am okay.  I need you to approve me, accept me and/or give me permission.  I don’t fit in. Acceptance of self.  Centered.  Give self permission. (No longer need outer approval to know worth or to feel safe.)   There is nothing to fit into. Connected to the unconditional love of Self/Universe/Source/God/Goddess/Nature.
Karma No Karma