Currently Heather is offering Remote Audio Sessions for existing clients.   On occasion she will be able to work with new or referred clients.

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Remote Audio Sessions

We are in extraordinary times of major release AND stepping into the new of knowing all that we are – free of limitations.  This gives us amazing opportunity to create lives and welcome experiences that reflect the NEW.  This means we are doing some heavy duty inner work and possibly experiencing a lot shifting in our personal outer world in addition to what we are witnessing and feeling shifting in our collective outer world.

These remote sessions are designed to support what you are releasing and working with during this time.  And also to help you anchor the new your heart is calling you to come to.

How it works…

  1. Email me if you are an existing client and would like to schedule a remote audio session. I will email you back confirming what week I can do your remote audio session.  (New or referred clients please contact me directly at 360-899-5518.)
  2. As we get close to the scheduled date for your remote audio session, I will email you and ask for your focus for your remote session.
  3. Email me what you would like to focus on for your session. This may be what you are experiencing, feeling, working through or feeling stuck in.  Or, maybe you would like to share what you feel drawn to create in your life.  Write as much as you would like to me to know.
  4. When it is time to do your session, I will meditate on the information you share for the focus on your session. I will in real time record your session.  This is more like what you and I would have done together in an in-person session…although this session will be remote.
  5. You will receive a link to the audio of your remote session to listen to at your convenience.  Listen to your audio when you have a quiet block of time to relax and if possible be in a mediative (receptive) state.

Currently Heather is offering Remote Audio  Sessions for existing clients.  The remote session audio you will receive is approximately 60-70 minutes long.  $125

There is a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.  Please notify Heather within 24 hours of your scheduled audio session time if you need to cancel.  (Text or call 360-899-5518.)  You will receive notification confirming your session is cancelled.

Payment for remote audio sessions: Prepayment is requested. For prepayment by check, you will receive an email confirming your session with the mailing address for your check.  If payment by credit card is preferred, clients can specify if they would like to pay through PayPal or Square and a payment link will be included in an email confirming your session.

“We are surrounded by so much transformational, loving energy in the universe.  My role is to help YOU connect to this and integrate it into your soul journey.  I’m here to be present with you.  Reiki and intuitive energy work supports us as we show up for life’s challenges (opportunities) and awakens our unique and innate gifts.  It reveals experiences to be opportunities for transformation and empowers us to reach our full potential.  Internal peace is here in this moment when we are open to receive it.  I invite you to step into the possibilities of embracing the full picture of all you are.”

Book A Session!
Book A Session!

In session, Heather Hovis uses her intuitive and empathic abilities combined with Reiki to be present with you to support your work and shifting into higher conscious energies of connection and unconditional love.

Heather is located in the Pacific North West.