Inspirational Quotes for the Soul...

Get Your Spiritual Mojo Revved Up!

Enjoy these inspirational quotes to be inspired and awaken your soul’s energy to guide you, love and nurture you.

Fear only exist when you do not understand that you have the power to project thought and that the Universe will respond.

~ Abraham Hicks

You’re always heard.  But just so you know, any prayers, comments, or musings that end in question marks, like “Can I?” “May I?” or “Will you?” are usually answered in question marks, like “Maybe?” “Sometimes?” or “Depends?”  Whereas those that end in “Thank you!” “Hallejulah!” or “Hubba-hubba!” are immediately fast-tracked.  Make a little “Boom!”

~The Universe (Notes from the Universe/ Mike Dooley)

You were not put here to judge yourself so harshly, to rein yourself in, to spend your life in an endless exploration of asking, “what is WRONG with me?”
You were put here to align with what feels good to your soul and to live inside of THAT, to sink your teeth into what nourishes every part of you, to joyfully embrace that which you love with your whole essence. You came here to live the truth of who you are so that you can experience the adventure of fully exploring and developing – unabashedly and unapologetically – your multitude of unique gifts and share those with the world. The goal is not to live meekly, quietly, carefully, invisibly. You were not here to live as a whisper in the shadows. You have a purpose. Let nothing hold you back from it.    
At the end of your life, when you go to that place beyond what we know, you will not be asked to produce a list of your shortcomings. You will not be judged to be sure you suffered enough. No victim or martyr yardstick awaits on the other side. There is no pop quiz on living under the veil of original sin.
I suspect at the end of our time here, we’re met with a very long and tender embrace and tears of joy not unlike that of a parent after a long-awaited homecoming from a child. And then, with the bated breath and anticipation of someone who has put everything into choosing the perfect gift for us, who loves us more than we can possibly fathom, we will be asked, “Tell me – did you like what I chose for you?” It would be a shame if we never even opened the box.
You deserve the gifts. You are worthy. You are loved. All of those gifts, the beauty you see in the world, that feeling of comfort and happiness you have access to were customized for you.

~Aricia E. Shaffer, MSE

Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility.

~Oprah Winfrey

When your essence embraces your ego and your ego embraces your essence, then the ego feels safe enough to loosen it’s hold upon your actions.