Persoanl Gudied Visualization

The energy work of your Personalized Guided Visualization is created specifically for you. Each Personalized Guided Visualization is designed to hold you in higher vibrational and positive energies aligned with what you wish to create for you in your life (your focus for the visualization).  This will support you shifting on the mental, emotional, and physical levels to receive energy grounded in your well-being and happiness.  

Heather is offering this on a limited basis.  Each Personalized Guided Visualization is an audio file you receive through a DropBox link.  (You do not need to have a DropBox account to access the audio file.)  You can listen to your audio and/or download it through the DropBox link.  Your Personalized Guided Visualization audio will be 15-20 minutes long and based on a 30 minute meditation Heather does specifically for you to create your Personalized Guided Visualization.  Each Personalized Guided Visualization is $75.  Click here to request a Personalized Guided Visualization.

How Does It Work?

1. Click here to use the form to submit your Personalized Guided Visualization request to Heather.

2. On the form, write out the focus for your visualization.  (What do you wish to create?  This could be literal or based on how you wish to feel. It might be you are in a transitional period in your life and your focus is on the outcome you wish for you.  You might be in a situation you want to resolve or complete and your focus is on what a win win energy would be for all involved.)  

3. If you would like there is a section on the form you can let Heather know about any things that you are drawn to that carry a positive energy for you that you would like included in your Personalized Guided Visualization.  For instance, maybe a certain animal totem has been showing up for you.  Or maybe you have been feeling a deep connection to the ocean that has been powerful….or to trees or other aspects of nature.  This could also be angels, guides, colors, fairies, Buddha, goddess energies, etc.

4. Click the submit button to send the form to Heather

She will respond within 24 hours (M-F) confirming she received your request, ask any questions she might have and let you know when you will receive the link to your audio of your Personalized Guided Visualization. 

Once Heather has completed your Personalized Guided Visualization and emailed you the link, she will invoice you through PayPal or Square to pay by credit card.  (You do not need to have a Paypal or Square account to pay through these services.)

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