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How To Use These Videos…

Use these videos anytime you would like to shift your energy to a higher vibration of peace and calm.  Maybe your thoughts are spiraling, you’re feeling overwhelmed, you need to get into your body (ground), you want to release something or someone, you are finding it hard to listen to want you want or you are feeling out of balance – these videos are here for you!  You may read a description and pick which video to do or maybe you allow your intuition to guide you to a video.  Heather will be adding new videos.  Be sure to check back in!

Receive a mini distant Reiki session.

This guided visualization helps clear what is blocking you.  This allows greater ease connecting with your you!

Use this guided visualization as a tool to deal with feeling stuck or triggered around a person or situation. As we release the emotional charge and move the stuck energy we can be present with what is beneath and let ourselves find peace and comfort.

Clear technology out of your mind and energy field to be more relaxed and present in your life and within yourself. Often we are on a hamster wheel with keeping up with the pace of our lives and technology and it constant demands and distraction builds the momentum of the pace. This guided visualization allows you to clear and create a new and healthier connection with cell phones, computers and other technologies.

This guided visualization is designed to help you connect with the healing energy of nature and the love of the angels. Their presence will center you and help you feel the amazing amount of presence that is always with you.

Release old energies by focusing on clearing the chakras. Fill with light and positive energy!