Clients Share Their Experiences...

“Following a session with Heather, things began to shift. Questions I’d been struggling with for years were finally answered and gaps were filled in. I felt supported and cared for, but more than that, I felt I was being welcomed home.” -Betsy L.

“My experience with Heather was just short of miraculous. I have a couple of medical issues that needed immediate attention and the results held some information that could portend some bad consequences. I believe in the power of the mind and much more. Either way for my future, Heather provided a calm in the storm and a firm voice for GOOD. She really has a sterling soul and puts all of her efforts forth on your behalf when working with you. I was very, very impressed and so profoundly affected by her treatment.” -Terra P.

Heather has an incredible ability to see the unseen…our past, present and future and what supports us Spiritually. She is able to provide a reading just as easy non-local as in person. Heather’s non-local healing feels like she is standing over you while you are lying on a massage table. I am in gratitude for the natural gifts Heather provides.  -Leotha

Heather Hovis is one of the most gifted Reiki practitioners I have known. Her knowledge and calm focus brings together healing touch and intuitive wisdom. She has made a major difference in our entire family’s wellness (including the animals)!  -Katie E.

I’ve had several sessions with Heather and I highly recommend her to friends and family needing soul work or simple assistance through life’s ups and downs.  I find Heather especially adept at working with woman, in general, especially those who’ve suffered from trauma (in this life or a past).  My life has been transformed due to Heather’s work with me, clearing away old wounds and allowing me to understand past hurts and past lives.  Not only that, she has helped transform many of my family members too with her empathetic and loving approach to healing.  -Patti N.

Heather is a gifted healer and teacher. Her passion and deep interest in your well-being is evident thru the entire session. I have scheduled many Reiki sessions with Heather over the years to calm, heal, balance, alleviate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress. I have experienced a Reiki ‘tune-up’ to merely feel more relaxed. I have also experienced powerful healing from grief induced emotional and physical pain that was so profound I have no words.  I highly recommend Heather for her heart based generous work that will restore you to your healthy joyous self.  -Joan B.

Every session I have with Heather is nothing short of an amazing experience since she is able to pinpoint the energy blocks in my body which need balancing and see beyond what’s happening on so many levels in an intuitive and empathic way.  She is so connected to source and there is a flow happening within her.  She is able to see and feel what’s going on in my body and relates it back to me with such loving words. She puts her whole heart into these sessions and I always walk away knowing something really special just happened.  -Christine S.

Heather has been such a gift! She has become an integral part of my wellness team, gently guiding me and facilitating my healing – and more than anything else her Reiki brings my awareness back to the strength, beauty and joy that is with in me – and with that fresh in my world I can do anything. I am blessed blessed blessed to have this healer in my life.  – Hadea T

I have had numerous sessions with Heather and will continue to return to her. Everyone’s life and story is unique, and Heather has a gift for knowing just what yours is on a very deep level and where to go with any specific issue. Each time I finish a session with her I feel renewed and restored. -Barbara A.

I have experienced Heather Hovis’ work in different ways: I am still not sure of “what she does” but I can tell you that as I have left each individual session I have felt very altered, much more peaceful and physically much more comfortable.  Heather is compassionate, patient, gentle and yet very, very powerful. -Laura L.

Heather is a brilliant Reiki practitioner filled with love and light.  I feel extremely grateful to have met her and to have received the benefits of her gifts.  Her sessions have helped me to shift and release long held views to allow me to let go of unhealthy thoughts and see things differently.  My life has changed for the better because of the session work with Heather.  -Rita Y.