Currently Heather is offering limited class times for Reiki classes to existing clients while she integrates work from a four-year energy program she recently completed.  If you sign up for her email list, she will be sending out updates with new services and classes she may be offering in the future.

Reiki I  •  Reiki II  •  Reiki III

Learning Reiki is a powerful experience to evolve your conscious journey and be in service to well-being and love. What I love supporting as a Reiki teacher is the unique relationship between the student and Reiki. The Reiki is going to be available to you in a way that supports what is in your heart. The energy of Reiki will be present with you and aligned with your highest good to heal from within.

With Reiki there are two aspects to the class. First, you are developing your relationship with yourself through the gentle presence of Reiki. Reiki supports self-nurturing. It helps us break patterns that no longer serve, heal old wounds and correct imbalances. Secondly, you are gaining knowledge to be able to use Reiki out in the world. This may be in the form of giving Reiki to friends, family and pets. It may mean taking the knowledge you have learned and becoming a Reiki practitioner. Reiki also compliments other healing modalities you may offer, such as massage or meditation.  Or, it may mean learning how to use Reiki to take care of yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person, Empath or Intuit.

My role as a teacher is to give you information and basic instruction, while supporting you to trust yourself in the sacred space within. As your teacher, I can assist you to shift into the higher vibrational energy with ease.  Also, I tailor each Reiki level class experience to your inner growth journey and how you would like to incorporate Reiki into your life (and work life if applicable).

There are three levels to Reiki. With each level the amount of Reiki flowing through you increases and you learn more skills to utilize the energy.  (Some students only take Reiki I, while others continue to Reiki II.  Reiki III is the Master Level.)

Classes are taught remotely one-on-one with Heather.  The class schedule can be adapted to work with your availability.

If you would like to schedule a time to speak with Heather with questions or are interested in taking the a remote Reiki class click here.

Connect with Heather about learning Reiki

Each class level generally lasts 4-6 weeks.  Length depends on how much time is needed for integrating by the student.  The process with each class is fluid and smooth.  These Reiki classes are designed to educate and are highly focused on supporting the student with stepping into their wholeness and balance.  This may mean taking some time to release and process old concepts of self, other’s energy in your field or anything that may have limited experiences of being centered and connected to all you are.

More about what each Reiki Level Class includes…

Work One-On-One with Heather:  Work in real time with Heather for your session, attunement and classes.  This gives space for support, questions and a very unique experience honoring you and your individual journey with Reiki.

Reiki Session:  With each level a full remote Intuitive and Empathic Reiki session is included.  The intention of this session is to prepare you for receiving your attunement.

Attunement: Receiving the attunement opens channels within you for the Reiki to flow through you.  (With Reiki you are not generating or using your personal energy.  Reiki energy flows through you.)

Classes: With each level, classes are real time one on one classes with Heather.  With each level there are usually 2-3 classes taught.  The length of the classes and the amount of content that is covered dictates if  2 or 3 classes are needed.  In class you learn the how to work with Reiki.

Playwork Assignments:  Traditionally this might be called homework!  But, Heather’s approach is to create “Playwork” that is about discovering and playing to experience and learn Reiki.  Playwork is tailored to you and how you are connecting and using Reiki in your life and work.

Check-ins:  These are brief check ins by phone or email to support processing, answer questions and get a sense of how you are integrating.

Reiki Manual: Each level of Reiki class includes a Reiki manual pdf with information to reference.

Reiki Certificate:  When each level is complete a paper Reiki certificate will be mailed to you.  Once you have completed each level you can start giving Reiki!

Benefits of taking Reiki classes with Heather:

Learn how to use Reiki for self care.

Through the journey with Reiki, gain self awareness and centeredness.

Utilize Reiki to positively respond to energy you are feeling.  This can empower us to move out of saturation and overwhelm to promoting neutrality, clearing and peace.

The course is tailored to you and why you would like to learn Reiki.

The classes are designed to be gentle, empowering and profound.

Heather incorporates 20 years of experience in her class work.  Also like her sessions, classes are infused with energy from her intuitive and empathic abilities.

Connect with Heather about learning Reiki