About Heather...

It is beyond words to truly express the joy it brings me to use my intuition and empathic sensitivity with Reiki, working with people, animals, and groups to facilitate their own innate abilities to heal and connect with their joy.  Each session is guided by the client’s desire to heal.  I am amazed at the courage I see in people and touched to see how the love around them manifest and works during the session. It’s inspiring to see who people are in this real, authentic way.

Typically in sessions I work with people who have experienced severe abuse, making major life changes, feel intensely responsible for others, or are highly sensitive.  My practice is framed in joy.  Even though the work is deep, I have a light- hearted approach.  I have been working with Reiki since 2000.

My past professional work enhances my understanding:  I have worked as a Texas Certified K-12 art teacher in the public school system, graphic designer, freelance artist, art gallery owner, manager-editor of a family nonprofit newspaper, and software marketing associate for Hitachi. Through these opportunities and collaborations, I grew to understand people’s need to feel nurtured and be truly seen.

Creative expression connects me to spirit:  In my art, I create finely detailed animal portraits in pastel and acrylic paint. My desire is to capture the essence of the animals. Each animal has medicine and a message for me.  Art is an incredible part of my spiritual journey and allows me to connect to source.  Through studying NIA, a holistic fitness based on expressing joy through creative movement, I deepened my understanding of the importance of self-nurturing and having a loving relationship with our bodies.

My own healing journey informs my work: I have suffered from anxiety attacks since adolescents.  I kept trying to out run the anxiety, but it was always smarter and faster than me. In my late twenties, I left corporate America, left an unhealthy relationship and moved to a new home.  This transition was a turning point; doors opened up and experiences flooded in that were a catalyst for my spiritual learning.

Through weekly Reiki sessions and meditation, I began feeling nurtured.  The Reiki helped me understand my intuitive nature.  My authentic self was validated. Now, I have made my peace with the anxiety.  Finding the peace meant having to go within some pretty dark places.  I had years of emotional, mental and physical traumas to detox and let heal.  Gradually, I surrendered to my own healing.  Through Reiki, meditation and meeting the right people at just the right time, self-love began to take root.  Light returned to my life.

Today, when if I feel anxiety, I honor it for the wisdom it shares with me.  The feelings guide me to pay attention.  My intuition (sensitivities) has become a gift I can learn from rather than something I suffer.

It means so much to me to assist clients embrace their abilities, accept their truths and to live free from abuse, heaviness and limiting patterns.  Witnessing a light turn on and a life opening is a beautiful thing. I love it!