Sessions can offer the following areas of support...

Integrating Major Life Changes   These sessions can address the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental aspects of transitions, whether they be in your personal or professional life, so that you can stay more grounded and focused during these shifts and embrace new opportunities.

Breaking Chronic Patterns   The objective is to strengthen your own inner work with breaking behavioral patterns that do not serve body, mind, and spirit wellness.

Liberating from Past Negative Experiences   Facilitates shifting you from victim-based living to someone who thrives in your sense of self and well-being.

Energy Clearing   Clearing unwanted influences of residual energy remaining from ancestral ties, family dynamics, unfinished issues from past-lives, or interactions with other people. Some of us also pick-up the energy and emotions of those we interact with even casually during the day. When this residual energy is cleared from our sphere, we are able to be clearer and more grounded.

De-chording   People in our lives may have a “chord” to us. Sometimes these “chords” can create barriers to inner peace and drain us of our life force.  Energy work can facilitate “cutting” these “chords” and establishing healthier connections.

Addressing Physical challenges   Facilitation for clearing energetic blocks which are interfering with physical wellness.

Specializations   Abuse survivors, people in transition,  people with relationship imbalances, people with boundary challenges, highly sensitive individuals and those who are feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

Sessions begin with a conversation about how you want to use your time with Heather.  She will explore what is going on in your life and what has brought you to Sacred Tree Healing. For Heather, it’s important that the work is integrated with and honors your own belief system.  During the sessions, you will be able to lie comfortably on a massage table with your clothes on.  Pillows and blankets are available for your comfort and there is calming background music.  Reiki can be given with the hands resting on the body or above the body.  All is decided by client.  The environment is private and all information shared is kept confidential.  In person sessions range from one and a half hours to two hours.  Phone sessions range from one hour to one and a half hours.

After the session…  Allow time to slowly reintegrate back into your regular schedule. Give yourself at least an hour of subdued quiet activity after a session.  Drink more water.  After a session, some people may experience heightened or decreased energy levels as they integrate.

“We are surrounded by so much transformational, loving energy in the universe.  My role is to help YOU connect to this and integrate it into your healing journey.  I’m here to be present with you.  Reiki and intuitive energy work supports us as we show up for life’s challenges and awakens our unique and innate gifts.  It reveals experiences to be opportunities for transformation and empowers us to reach our full potential.  Internal peace is here in this moment when we are open to receive it.  I invite you to step into the possibilities of deeper healing.”

There is a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.  Please notify Heather within 24 hours of your session time if you need to cancel.  (Text or call 360-899-5518.)  You will receive notification confirming your session is cancelled.

Payment for in person sessions, payment can be made by cash or check at the time of your session.  If you would like to pay by credit card, a Paypal payment link will be included in an email confirming your session. Please submit credit card payment before your session.

Payment for phone sessions, prepayment is required. If prepaying by check for a phone session, you will receive an email confirming your session with the mailing address for your check payment. Or if you would like to pay by credit card, a Paypal payment link will be included in an email confirming your session.

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Heather’s office is located at 902 8th Street in downtown Anacortes, Washington.

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In session, Heather Hovis uses her intuitive and empathic abilities combined with Reiki to be present with you to support you to heal and find your inner peace and knowing.

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