Reiki Class

Reiki I  •  Reiki II  •  Reiki III

Learning Reiki is a powerful experience to evolve your conscious journey and be in service to well-being and love. What I love supporting as a Reiki teacher is the unique relationship between the student and Reiki. The Reiki is going to be available to you in a way that supports what is in your heart. The energy of Reiki will be present with you and aligned with your highest good to heal from within.

With Reiki there are two aspects to the class. First, you are developing your relationship with yourself through the gentle presence of Reiki. Reiki supports self-nurturing. It helps us break patterns that no longer serve, heal old wounds and correct imbalances. Secondly, you are gaining knowledge to be able to use Reiki out in the world. This may be in the form of giving Reiki to friends, family and pets. It may mean taking the knowledge you have learned and becoming a Reiki practitioner. Reiki also compliments other healing modalities you may offer, such as massage or meditation.

My role as a teacher is to give you information and basic instruction, while supporting you to trust yourself in the sacred space within. As your teacher, I can assist you to shift into the higher vibrational energy with ease.

There are three levels to Reiki. With each level the amount of Reiki flowing through you increases and you learn more skills to utilize the energy.  (Some students only take Reiki I, while others continue to Reiki II.  Reiki III is the Master Level.)

Classes are taught in person either one-on-one or in group. One-on-one classes are available as scheduled with the student. Group classes are offered once or twice a year for Reiki Level I & II and taught by Heather and Reet Yribar.

If you would like to schedule a time to speak with Heather with questions or interest in taking a one-on-one Reiki class or Group Reiki class click here.